Trading View GunBot Script ( Semi Automated MicroProfits Strategy )

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Keypoints to The Strategy :-

-Many Microtrades on a bullish market
-Even make Profit on Sideway & wavy downtrends
-Double up to infinity
-Controlled downtrend averaging
-Visualizer available allowing visible emulation of the Script & Gunbot trading together.
-More Features & Optimization still to come!

This strategy is based on several indicators and logical conditioning. It mostly works with a few MACDs, CCI and RSI on different periods.
it is intended to trade on a short period. It uses the buying and selling Signals both on 3 minutes.
Because of the short period and a pretty good pump detection it takes small waves and small gains smoothly.


The requirements are a basic gunbot setup with TradingView addon and TradingView pro account .



Script Cost :-

Renting plans:
3 Months: 0.015 BTC
6 Months: 0.025 BTC
12 Months: 0.04 BTC





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