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GunBot Lite Edition – Single Exchange & Single Strategy

0.04 ฿

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Testimonials You’ll Love To Read

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Pieter Levels

8 March , 2018

Really loving Gunbot. Lovely UI and a no brainer if you trade daily.

Steve Davies

12  January, 2018

Working like a charm , simple setup for regular and daily trades.

Marc Köhlbrugge‏

9 April , 2018

The investment in this bot is well worth it . Worth Every Penny !

Jesse Hanley

21 August , 2017

It was an excellent purchase, the bot works perfectly. Satisfied!


19 April , 2018

After using the service for just 2 weeks , All I can say is GO for it . Extra Value For Money . You Won’t be disappointed .

William K

2 May , 2018

The Service And Support provided by CryptoSid is close to awesome . Daily Updates And Signals to help you are very good .

M Kallis

25 Feburary, 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sid since the early stages of his offerings as a Gunbot Reseller/Expert. By following his guidance I have already achieved more than 4x my initial investment, it’s only been a month and I can only see promising results for the future also. Sid extends his support out to his clients more than most would have experienced with others and continues to show professional understanding and growth for the services he offers. Looking back I have no regrets and I’m always happy to recommend his services on to others!


11 March , 2018

Would recommend sids service. The configs seem to work well for someone with no experience in technical analysis nor using trading bots.

Apart from his initial setup Sid provides constant updates for the bot and advice in his premium config channel on telegram.

Because of his constant updates and communication I think he should provide a link for donations.