Have an eye on Altcoin Trading bot

While scrolling about “Altcoin Bot’’, you may find various concepts that may differ on some grounds as it is purely digital entity that has dubious origin and questionable value about altcoin trading bot.

For some it can be future of freely moving currency but what is its actual meaning and the most basic sense. In the regular conversations, it is digital currency but in reality it is much deeper to understand about it. You may have heard about the Bitcoin and its all ins and outs but other than this digital currency there are other hundreds of currencies which are Altcoins or alternatives to Bitcoin like.


  • Ether
  • Zcash
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • Dash and many others

Alternatives to Bitcoin are different from Bitcoin on various grounds some have difference on the basis of their economical model and some have different coin distribution method as some of these Altcoins have been given away to all citizens of country and some employ the different proof-of-work mining algorithms like to resist specially designed hardware for mining and even some Altcoins do not rely on the proof of work.

More than that, some of these alternative coins offer versatile programming language for building applications on top of and even some offer perfect privacy as compared to Bitcoin. Even there are some coins that may have non monetary uses like domain name registry or data storage pointers.

Even informational sources also put light on the non- interesting part of many Altcoins as some Altcoins tweak some parameters that do not matter a lot or sometime they offer something that can be useful but actually it is not like if an Altcoin has greater total number of coins then it means it does not has worth individual value. If an Altcoin finds blocks faster than others then it means that single transaction requires greater confirmations for the similar level of security. Even some people say that some Altcoins have no as such benefit over Bitcoin and even they have less hash power that secures them and even they believe that due to smaller network effects they are of lesser benefit and even fewer developers get involve for improvement. However some Altcoins offer useful features and promise for greater benefits.

Some Altcoins act in a testnet capacity or offer greater anonymity than Bitcoin so they can perform useful tasks and have future in trading bot. even there are some Altcoins that can be driven by speculation so one must do research before buying them. Some Altcoins are better than Bitcoin and have fewer headaches. In short term, to get more profit one may invest in the Altcoins like

  • VOX
  • BAY
  • RADS
  • AMP
  • KMD
  • RDD
  • DOGE
  • PPC
  • NXT
  • EMC2

Altcoins trading bot can give profit if one takes the investment steps quite strategically means one must have some strategies for investing in Altcoins like


  1. One must set a clear and specific target level for taking profit and along with it must set stop loss level to cut losses
  2. One must invest the money that one can afford to lose so that losses can be bear at the end if there are some
  3. As some Altcoins lose their value over the time so one must follow the coin chart to identify the low and stable periods for investment and trading so that profit can be taken at right time.
  4. Splitting the Altcoin trading in two analysis one is technical and other is fundamental so that you can choose the particular coin for trading as the bot has not its intelligence it just trades on the specific code so investor must do research on the basis of technical and fundamental end before trading.

Fundamental analysis is the based on the major news or event that can affect the currency trading and id relevant to currency so that one can know about the major future fluctuations in the price like dying or going moon and trade accordingly.

Technical analysis is the based on charts means to study charts of currency flow so that future price can be estimated and judging the market sentiments so that minor fluctuations in a day before trading can be judged.

So Altcoin trading can be profitable game for you if you have studied all its rules and its ins and outs that may affect your game.